Filters for Directional Scanner are all scrambled since last update


I received a message yesterday saying that you had updated the overview but that nothing would be changed with my current overview Z-S.
However, when I check the filters in the directional scanner they’re all scrambled and not in the same place as they used to be.

I also took a look at the updated overview settings and I’m sorry to tell you that they are very confusing in general.
Is there a place to edit directional scanner filters? That should have it’s own tab called Directional Scanner Presets or something.
I might be totally wrong on this but it doesn’t feel at all like the new overview settings have been player tested with feedback.

I really hope that whenever you are planning to make a change like this make a big forum post and let players leave feedback on what they would like to see on their new overview and how it should look like. Crowd-sourcing a community of some of the smartest gamers out there is not a bad idea :slight_smile:

When resetting overview settings the directional scanner filters are still there and as far as I see can’t be changed.

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I could be wrong but selecting the option - Active Overview Filters - should link the scan to the presets you have selected in whichever Overview tab you have active.

That is the case but that requires you to switch overview tabs or overviews to take effect. With the hotkeys, you can cycle through different settings just in the dscan window and do so quicker.

Ahh, ok.

Usually I’m just looking for Combat probes so I just use my Overview settings. Sometimes switching Overview tabs to scan for any ships within the vicinity. Other than that, I don’t really use it much.

However since the option to cycle through various Dscan settings is borked now, maybe my suggestion could be a temp fix until the problem is fixed by CCP…

I see, if I understand you correctly here, the overview tab and directional scanner tabs have to be the same? They can’t be individually customizable?

Yeah, I don’t know, I tried to reinstall the Z-S overview and I even tried to delete all settings in the overview to reset it to default. Unfortunately the Directional scanner filters still stayed the same. So don’t know what’s going on there. =/

I don’t think they have to be the same but I never got into making customized scanner filters.

However, I do know that if the scanner filter is set to - Active Overview Filters - then it will show whatever presets are selected to show in whatever Overview Tab is active.

With different Overview Tabs, the scanner will show different objects. Guess the downside is you have to switch Overview Tabs and then scan…

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