Multiple overview problems happening

I’ve been maintaining an overview for 11 years. I’m one of the people who checks overview settings every month and lets several of the other overview maintainers that there is a problem.

The latest release of the overview + the tech preview of the multioverview introduced a couple errors.

  1. It reset all current overviews into ‘not saved’ state.

  2. It removed all columns for me, not sure why, I did not reset.

  3. Getting majorly inconsistent behavior out of the Filters | Exceptions tab. Cannot click radio buttons. The radio buttons don’t relate to the overview i’m working on. This ‘boosher’ overview is set to hostile only, it switched to friendlies as well at some point, and now i can’t edit it by clicking the radio buttons. I opened a ticket with EBR-242288.

  4. My appearance tab got reset, somehow. Which is scary for a maintainer.

If there is a subject matter expert group for overviews, I’d like to join. I’m taking this to the Z-S discord as well, hopefully we can come up with solutions here. Thanks.

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Did manage to manipulate by reloading repeatedly, took some doing though.

Final layout I decided, saved in my character sheet for now.

I’m not publishing my updated version to my mailing list until we have some clarity on what’s going wrong here.

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Note, dscan is also attaching itself to the secondary overview when undocking, causing dscan to be looking for the wrong things.


I have a work around for the scan window being attached to the wrong overview on undock by moving my main overview to the secondary window. It’s a terrible work around though.

However, this has the side effect of also ignoring brackets on the secondary overview and using the primary. I cannot release my updated overview due to these issues.

Hello CCP, here’s hoping you’re listening. Or should I just file more bug reports that are also being ignored.

Ignore my post. I am not using Photon, this was in the wrong category.

Still getting a variety of errors with multioverview, mostly with brackets, it losing sort orders, along with the dscan problems. I’m not sure how to fix those, but I’ll continue to try to use it.

I will say that is really helpful for a lot of scenerios. Finding good ships to tackle in massive brawls, sifting wrecks while waiting for next moves, and being able to quickly shift to shooting drones without losing e verything else.

Filter exceptions still going in uncertain state every so often. Messing with them, it’s not reflecting in game. zero movement on any of my tickets. Zero response from CCP on these issues.

Tabs being out of order is working again, and can more easily move them around. Confusing for older players still.

This needs to be renamed to something else, like ‘Add/Remove for Mobile Depot’ as it’s confusing right now.

Game still getting confused about which overview has ‘priority’ from dscan. Still defaults dscan to my second window, and defaults brackets in space to my first window. This should match!

I can also confirm that brackets seems to be a bit not working properly. It works when selecting “show all brackets” but switches to another tab in the overview and the d-scan goes haywire. Should match accordingly to selected tab.

My problem with multi overviews continues to be that it apparently breaks the Dscan after the logging in. Every time when I log in and undock, the second overview window is primed and the dscan is empty because the overview settings in this window typically show nothing. When I minimize this window and click on my main overview window, the dscan still refuses to show anything, although the overview settings there show everything from stations to stars to gates. I have to switch overview tabs to fix dscan every single time.

Since this pertains to the Overview bugs I will add it here;

After a few hours of game play the overview doesn’t clear the grayed out lines. Then the tabs refuse to sort (e.g. Distance) and any target chosen in the overview will auto-lock. This cannot be corrected until you restart the client. Between this and my personal “docking” bug issue the GUI is getting worse not better.

Rearranging the first set of tabs to be your bracket, and the second set of tabs be your dscan. you have to reeanble brackets though using alt-z.

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