Directional Scanner / Overview changes


After the last Overview update the filters for the Directional Scanner got scrambled and as far as I know there is no way to customize your Directional Scanner filters now and hotkey them to your preferred liking.

What you’re looking at here is an image of a character who’s had his overview settings reset by pushing the Reset all settings button in the overview. As you can see, the hotkeys 0-9 are all scrambled and doesn’t make any sense and there is no way to Customize your directional scanner filters individually.

What I think me and other players would like to see is an easy way to customize both your Overview tabs/filters and your Directional Scanner filters Individually. This is essential for pvp players because there are many cases where you need to see one filter for what’s on grid. (overview tab) and you need to see a totally different filter for what’s off grid (directional scanner).

Proposed changes:

  1. A Tab in Overview Settings which let’s you choose Directional Scanner filters 0-9, customize them as much as you can customize your Overview settings tabs and hotkey them to your preferred hotkeys. Preferably name the tab Directional Scanner filter presets.

  2. A clickable box in the newly created Directional Scanner filter tab in overview settings that says “Link overview tab to directional scanner tab”. This is for those more simple players that would like to have the same filters for the Directional scanner as the overview filter tabs. So clicking mining tab on overview switches filter to mining tab on directional scanner and vice versa.



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