Hotkeys for switching directional scanner filters and filter probe scanner are the same


I noticed that the standard hotkeys 1,2,3,4 so forth… for switching between the different directional scanner filters and the probe scanner filters are the exact same hotkeys.
So when you play, as soon as you happen to deselect the directional scanner and want to switch directional scanner overview by pressing 1,2,3… it switches the filters for the probe scanner.

Solution: Change the standard hotkeys for filtering probe scanner results to CTRL+1 , ALT+1 or something like that. These hotkeys are used way less than the Directional scanner filters.
Make all these hotkeys bindable so that we can rebind them to a hotkey of our choosing. This is especially essential for people who have a custom overview (which is the vast majority of veterans). So that they can rebind the Directional Scanner hotkeys to the overview filters that they use most.

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