Scanning Window keybind request

Hello CCP,

Is there any way to create binds for horizontal and vertical scanner probe movement.

For example, I would press “M”, this would lock by direction keys to the horizontal axis of the scanner probe in current view. I then could use my direction key to move left or right. I then could press “N” for vertical and use the up or down key to move the scanner probes up or down in current view?

This would help a ton with scanning. When you scan a ton it can get repetitive on your wrist to move those scanner probes around with your mouse. It would be nice to have another option.

I suspect this would be regarded as an abuse, not sure though.


Remapping keystrokes to do more than one thing (or less than two in this case). Just makes me worry about the EULA a bit.

Which is why I’m asking CCP about doing that. Also it wouldn’t be doing more then one thing. It’s having a keyboard shortcut assigned to a specific function. You have shortcuts in this game for everything. I’m asking if they could add another type of shortcut.

OK. This may not be the best place to ask, as they don’t usually respond here - you might do better to address your query to CCP directly.

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