Scanner Window Idea

I’ve had this idea for awhile and have posted it on here but I figured I post again. It’s a very small change to the way the scanning window works but would be a 100% improvement. In the scanning window, the box that you move around to scan down a sig, the little square box. It would be nice if that box could be bound to a key for it’s X Axis and Y Axis. Right now you click on the box and drag or click on the arrows and drag in the direction of the arrow. My idea would have a shortcut option you could set, say Key X and Key Y, when pressed would automatically bind the mouse movement to moving the box in the axis.

The reason for this, is personally I have a stressed wrist as a lot of computer users/workers do. Moving around constantly to grab the box and then moving the mouse around adds strain. Just the fact of being able to press “X” and then move the mouse removes 1 repetitive action from the game that does not add any value.

Just a thought.

Wouldn’t adding a hot key for “reduce probe radius” be an even better addition?

As I recall (left-alt + mouse-wheel) changes the probe radius. B is “analyse”. All nicely near V for D-Scan.
Double click in the map window to change the view point rather than clicking the rotate view buttons reduces the amount/distance of mouse movement - which may help @Fjord_O_Neal.
(I’m going on memory here, I’ve never been a hardened scanner)

already exists.
“decrease” and “increase” probe size are available in the sortcuts, as well as launch scan.

double clic in the window to change horizontal/vertical axis. Then move the squre by the above(not the arrows), it’s much easier to grabe and is limited to 2 axis. You do that twice for each scan, then reduce probes size and => per cycle :

  • double click on the signature you want to scan to center on it
  • double click in the window to be in “vertical” view(from atop)
  • move the square to be centered on the signature (use mouseweheel to adjust zoom)
  • double click to go horizontal
  • move the square veritcally to be center it on the sig
  • reduce signature three times (with max skills and good fit) or two times with corrects skills ( = triple / double shrink) with the keyboard shortcut.
  • launch scan with keyboard shortcut.

That’s how I do to avoid hurting myself.


Thank you for the replies. I do use the shortcuts for reducing or increasing probe sizes, double clicking for changes orientation, and the “B” button for scanning.

This is just an idea for additional keyboard shortcut that goes along with all of those other shortcuts to make Scanning easier on the wrists.

The idea comes from 3D modeling software. If you use Maya or Blender there is a short cut key that locks the axis movement of the 3D modifier object to make it easier to adjust vertices or lines or whatever. It really comes in handy as you do hundreds of adjustments an hour.

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