Allow changing the size of probe size by using the mouse

Oh wait we had that and for some inexplicable reason CCP decided to take one step forwards and two steps back.
So much for ‘feature parity’. CCP here is a tip, don’t forget about useful features we already have and then dump
them in the garbage. Think a little, OK?

I was dissapointed with this change myself as I was always scanning with drag shinking/expanding spheres. Since scanning is my daily thing in the game it was a major change to my habbits. From the time perspective this was the best change to happen IMO. Yeah you need both hands now but those misclicks were really annoying and now they’re gone.

Maybe You need some more time to adapt? Or am I missing some feature new method is lacking?

Also you are using mouse since ctrl/alt + mouse wheel will shink/expand the sphere so …

Yes I use alt [I have to now] but the old method was quicker and more intuitive. I don’t mind the misclicks because it rarely happens.
It felt better and less clunky.

I felt exactly the same. Now when I’m over it I think I wouldn’t like to go back …unless I start thinking about this too much and nostalgia kicks inn. Damn You.

Side note - my mouse has a free spinning wheel, maybe that makes it less clunky :thinking:

Hold mouse over the PROBE SCAN SIZE slider thingy and roll the mouse wheel. Pretty sure that changes the probe size using the mouse…


hahaha cool… learn something new everyday. I did not know this. wont use it but still…

You don’t get what I am getting at, you used to be able to ‘use the mouse pointer to change probe size’.

When did they remove it? A week or so ago, when I last logged on, you could hold alt and scroll to change size.

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