Isn’t it about time you gave us the ability to enlarge the size of the cursor. On a 4k monitor it is miniscule and very difficult to see a lot of the time. I see posts about this on the main forum going back years but nothing appears to have been done. With 4k becoming more popular the need is now so much greater and also the older players will have difficulty with it as well.

absolutely needed. i discussed this with CCP Falcon years ago at a fanfest. he dutifully wrote it down. still no cursor size options.
PLEASE make this happen with all the graphics work you are doing lately especially for PI

I actually filed a support ticket on this a while ago as CCP have so far ignored the various forum and Reddit posts. The GMs said they saw a ticket on the issue on the UI team’s job list but that there was no additional information that could be provided.

tldr; yes it’s time, probably won’t happen though. Something something legacy code.

Refreshing this, the problem persists with no resolution in sight.

This is really needed.
I don’t even know if the devs are watching. They hardly give any feedback.

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