Scanning Improvement

Hello, I had an idea where you can improve the usability of scanning.

You should include some different shortcut keys.

1 - A key to “Grab” the scanner icon in the map. This would allow you then to select an Axis and only move the scanner icon along that axis with the mouse. So you could do the X, Y, Z axis. Most 3D modeling software have this function and it really helps to grab and manipulate an item in 3D space.

2 - Keys to swap the orientation of the map, 1 for front view or horizontal, another for top down or vertical views.

Just a thought.

Wrong forum section.

Double click the map. :wink:

There are arrows around the “scan cube” for that, actually

Yes there are but being able to lock the axis with a key and move the arrow around with a mouse anywhere on the screen is amazing and a lot easier on your wrist.

It doesn’t sound like a ton but when you try it and see the difference, you’ll be thanking me.

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