Addition of an 'Orthogonal View' or 2D option in the Solar System map window to help with Scan Probes

Hi, I can’t be the only player with a tiny bit of OCD who finds the fluid nature of viewing angle in the Solar System map causing no end of frustration? I am, ohnoes!
Like many, I’m sure, I spend a lot of my time in J-space scanning hundreds of sigs and have to switch between viewing angles a lot. I use the double-click option to swap between two axis and this is great but the probe scan area has these big blue arrows and they are so hard to keep them aligned pleasingly on-screen.
What I’d like to suggest is the option to be able to lock the view so that these big blue arrows remain aligned on-screen.
To do this there could be an ‘Orthogonal’ option like there is in AutoCAD to limit viewing to one of the 3 planes.
Alternatively, and maybe more simply, there could be a 2D option which would still allow you to swap between viewing the X and Y planes.
And lastly, perhaps each plane could be selected individually? Selecting any two planes would provide what I’m after and selecting the third would give you the 3D map we have currently.
Anyway, can someone come up with a better justification than ‘it drives me mad’?

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