Direction scanner now autodocks to right side of solarsystem map

After the last update, it’s impossible to dock your directional scanner to the left side of the solar system map. It defaults docks to the right side no matter where you put it.

I don’t think this was intentional in the update since the vast majority of players likes to have the directional scanner on the left side so it doesn’t make sense to not give players any choice and auto dock it to the right side.
Also, when auto docked to the right side, the directional scanner window falls outside of the map.

Looks very much like a bug.

I’ve always preffered to have it on the right. But I also undock it and put the solar system map to the left of the screen and the d-scan window against the overview.

You got use to it on the left, you’ll get use to it on the right. :sunglasses:

But I agree, it should be moveable.

Might be a natural position for you, but not for me, and I live on the west coast of the USA, and have my entire 57 years of life. I prefer it to the right. Against the overview, where I can track targets easier without having to completely switch my visual focus, unlike when it’s on the left. So quit claiming you speak for everybody, because you don’t.

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Did anyone figure out how to fix this yet? Scanning window is all weird and annoying now

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