CCPls allow us to dock probe scanner back to the left

On current sisi build, probe scanners defaults dock to the right of solar system view, instead of being at left(default position for years)
Please allow us to put it on the left

edit: this is now coming to TQ
:confused: send help


Oh god, the change went live. They ruined my whole setup. I tried undocking the probe scanner from the solar system map and putting it to the left like it was before, but now it takes twice as long to minimize and maximize since the two windows aren’t linked together anymore.

I moved the thread to CSM section
Hope we will get some help


Why did this have to be moved to the right and why can I not move it back to the left?

yes, it helped to have the “Analyze” button closer to the middle of the window than its now current, far edge of the window

this is ridiculous they need to put it back

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In a complex game full of bugs and programming duct tape, why does CCP continue to make it a priority to “fix” something that isn’t broken? :thinking::neutral_face:

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