New probe scan map system is a disgrace

I’ve just come back to eve and tried to scan, the new maps system is a bloated half baked disgrace. I can see why there is no option to revert to the old method of using the old map and probes as no one in their right mind would choose this bloated mess.

Petition to bring back the old scan map with its higher functionality and more basic finish.

CCP stop trying to provide jobs for the lads by reinventing the wheel and then bodging it.


Yeah I liked the old one better, you can make the new one a little better if you undock the probe window so you can separate them


You’re about 2 years late for that whine-train, mate :wink:

You will get used to it like all of us did.


I won’t, I will make do with this half arsed crap which has less functionality than the old system by far.

Clearly this was just a job for the lads, and as CCP had made several redundancies over the period this steaming pile of ■■■■ should rightfully make people angry. What’s the reason for removing the old scan system but to force us to use this crap? CCP is covering for the team so as not to have 90% using the old system.

Imagine you get laid off from your job and the team behind this crap is sitting cosy while you are out of work? You would be f’ng livid.

Well that bubble has been burst right here so can us players get the good scan system back?

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You know that, like CaseyLP allready statet, you can “undock” the D-Scan window from this strange combo-window and then you have the D-Scan and Probing windows seperate (like in the long-long-ago)?

And the new system map and probe scanner is actually the more useful map. Try the new universe map. You will be positively surprised.

You are never late to the complaint train. Especially with CCP’s development approach in the last 3 years, you have to hit their thick skulls time and again to make it sink in how dumb their decisions and how terrible their developments are.

I’ve done that, that’s not a problem. The problem is that you have to use the new solar system map to probe instead of the old solar map. They (CCP) went out of their way to remove probing from the old map, they actually spent time and money reducing functionality.

Here have a 12 year old link,

You will be positively suprised, this 12 year old map is better than the new in game map.

Can we have the probes on the old map again, pretty please…?

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Actually, I love the new setup. I can position the map and scan window to one side, still see my overview, and my position in space. This lets me probe while running sites and makes noticing any change to the overview (an enemy ship) easier to spot.

Once you get use to the new map, it is also easy to probe down sites and ships.

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I also quite like it.
Not as snappy as the old one but certainly functionally fine.

Also being able to have it in windowd mode is all kinds of brilliant.
That was one of those things I didn’t realise I wanted until I was given it and wouldn’t want to give up.

Cool, good for you, I actually love the old map and scan system but I’m not allowed to use it because jobs for the boys.

You can use the old map. What’s a problem?

You can’t use the old system for scanning, CCP have removed this ability.

I misunderstood this

BTW, the new scan window is more effective if you’ll tune it properly. I was able to use the old one for a while. The new one allows you to scan faster, without extra information. With good skills, you’ll be able to fly between system objects and between systems as good as using tradition Overview Panel and 3D space.

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