When are CCP going to do the decent thing and

remove the new map?

Its use as an intel tool is severely limited as it doesn’t have the options of the old one.
Time to stop reinventing the wheel CCP and just make the old map be able to be usable while floating [i.e not fullscreen].

Whoever thought that we needed a new map when the old one is a much better tool obviously doesn’t play that much eve.

Also sticky back the QoL/Little Things thread back please.


They aren’t going to.

Yeah, the “new” camera is also still sub-par to what we had before. Don’t get your hopes up on that ever changing.

The devs playing EVE themselves? :joy:

Here, a demonstration of CCP’s development process.


One thing about the old map is that it is very difficult to select one system very close to another one while flattened. I would like to see that fixed.

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I like the new map. It loads a lot faster than the old map

New map is better. Just make new map for people to forget dotlan.

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Citadels were nice but the fact it took 1 week to kill one due to timers that don’t use fuel isn’t, than they recently made that timer out to 2 weeks if you don’t bother to hack the citadel to see the timer, so no one wants to kill them just to be killing them.

Nice dancing. Love the clashing colours too. LOL

I like the new map. Like you said, the old one provided too much intel. Speaking of which I would love to see a serious reduction in use of intel bots and general ability to send local info to out of game 3rd party sources regardless if they’re websites, apps, whatever.

Considering CCP’s track record on rolling back changes, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

Unless you’re one of those professional victims that thinks EvE needs to be made safer. Then by all means, hold your breath til they remove it.


The more I use the new map the more I can get into working with it.

My biggest issue with it is… I wish there was a “lay flat” option. Where I can get rid of the 3d depth of it, for nav and ease of reading.

“Aura, flatten my map.”

Is that a euphemism, My Captain?

–Blushing Gadget


They rolled back teams.

The old map just needs improvement.


They’ve rolled back four or five things in 15 years. So, please continue holding your breath while waiting for them to roll this back.

I can’t say I disagree that the new map (and new UI features in general) are not much worse then the old things they were trying to replace.

Just yesterday, a friend returned to EVE after a 5 year break and I was helping him out and he asked me how to open and use the map and I actually had to think about it quite a bit. It was then that I noticed that I virtually never use the in-game map anymore, even thought that used to be one of the most used intel-tools during my average play-sessions. Now I simply use a web-based map that actually gives you the relevant information instead of looking flashy but being virtually useless.

I can only hope that the UI designers, QA people and members of management who thought the new map was an improvement are no longer involved in anything important…

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