The New Map was Released Half-Baked. Please Fix It!

I just logged in with a plan to try to use the map to locate PVP in FW space, but the new map is totally useless.

For example, it shows no yellow dot meaning 0 people in space, and a yellow dot meaning >0 people in space. Can’t CCP at least use different colors or sized dots to reflect the relative size of the statistics they are representing?

I am completely confused why this feature is in the game and customer facing when it is so terrible.

It could use some improvements but I love the map. I tried the other mode for it and I really like it, too.
It is not “useless”.

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Old map best map, it has some issues (mostly about trying to select the right system if others are close) but it’s just easier to read quickly and gather information in an instant, very useful when you’re doing stuff like pvp. The new map looks “cool” and “awesome” but as so many UI “upgrades” we’ve had over the years it’s not actually better. It’s nice to look at but much more difficult to get your bearings and gain info from in a pinch.


Most of the stat filters on the new map end up having 3 levels of granularity:

-More than 0, less than Jita

I’m exaggerating, but not very aggressively.

The classic map is much better at relaying quantifiable information visually.


Fully supported that this new map is pointless. It makes it much harder to read and recognize data. It’s there to confuse people, not to help people. We can consider ourselves really lucky that CCP has forgotten about the map and didn’t turn the old, better map off like so many other legacy features.

This (both Players in Space in the last 30 Minutes)

is much better than this


The old “new map” has always been a waste of valuable disk drive space, ever since it came out.
Old map all the way !

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Why have CCP rolled out the new map when it is such a bad and barely functioning product, and why has it just been left in this state for years?

Can someone from CCP please look into this, or failing that, someone from the CRM?

I am going to take a side matter here, I don’t wish to derail your thread. I have noticed since day one, the map in Eve is 100% discovered. There is nothing to really “explore” and uncover. Black Desert has fog of war, it works on a per account basis. While anyone can get maps online, it helps me know where my family member have been in the world and what is yet to be discovered. At this point it would be very pointless and problematical to change the map in such a way. I just wanted to say, I felt it was a mistake to have a full map on day one as a new player. However I do understand the developer’s concept, as we don’t have a lack of maps on our cellphones in the here and now. It just makes the whole idea of finding a new world somewhat lack luster.

Have fun!

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That’s what Anoikis is for

And the excellent Pathfinder mapping tool.

I prefer the new map to be honest.

The main issues I have with the new map are:

  1. circle size in the old map works much, much better
  2. contrast is bad and lines can be hard to see

If only CCP made the circle scaling in the new map function just like it did in the old map, with much bigger circles for higher numbers, I think that the major issue people have with the new map would be gone.

CCP, please fix this!

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Also, the worst map in the game is the fresh-off-the-presses Insurgency map, by far. It is devoid of almost all information. What little there is, is obfuscated unless you have a ruler and protractor to measure pixels. Instead of simply two progress bars going from 0% to 100% Corruption and Suppression next to systems names on the map, or a simple color scale, you have floating white and grey concentric circles with no sense of scale. They can get so big they overlap the circles of adjacent systems. It is impossible to read. It is obnoxious. It is the new map but far far worse.

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Lots of the UI we have “these days” is probably optimised for EVE Anywhere (which is now dead and buried like every other CCP project): works on low resolutions, lack of detail, basic shapes and colours and (of course) a lack of features.

Yes plz! CCP! Make new map great !

Make it as simple as you can plz.