Map information

You used to be able to see large circles to indicate activity in a certain systems like in the picture, however when I look at the map now the area colour circle is very small, is there way way to make the information large again

Old Map

new Map

It is so much harder to read now

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That is because this beta map, which was risen out of beta status years ago, is still in non-development and every new player or player who does not know how to turn the map off has to deal with this train wreck.

You can turn this map off for now via ESC -> General Settings -> left column, towards the bottom, uncheck “try new map”. However, at some point CCP will replace the old, objectively superior map with a new version, hence your feedback on the terrible state of the map is extremely welcome to hammer this fact into CCP’s development head. :smiley:


Thanks for the info.

Most of the CCP devs/staff seem to use the old map anyway, so it’s small wonder they don’t notice the problems. (Watch them streaming on Twitch: not one uses the new one.)

I personally don’t mind the new map most of the time. Kind of like that I can open it in a window. Only wished we could get the old map open in a window, then it would be perfect.

That is pretty much the gist of what most people who bothered commenting and giving feedback asked for so far. You have really good graphical representation of data, you even can have 2 data sets displayed at once (sec status of systems and people in space, for instance, which is something the new map has lacked since the first version) and it works with all controls and data manipulators concentrated in one area and not spread around all the map. CCP just needs to emulate this into a window. But by now I am absolutely not convinced that any further work of CCP on this map will yield anything remotely useful or resembling the usefulness of the old map.

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