Want The Old in-game Map back

The new map in game kind stinks. Would like the old in-game option back. All you guys did is up the eye candy and reduced functionality. Sorry it sucks But hey what i know i have only been playing since 06. Staples made it easy why cant EVE??


Been playing since '05. Love the new map. Functionality is exactly the same. Learn to use it maybe?


Hit escape, go to the general tap, and unclick the “try new map” toggle. Every update ccp tries to make people use the new map. It still sucks. Fortunately we can still access the old map.


The functionality is not the same. At all.
It is harder to read because of unnecessarily colored gate connection lines.
The data indicators are too small to actually see something.
The indicators get occluded by stars if you zoom in too far (not even to system zoom level).
The color gradient of the indicators is not useful because it only goes form yellow to red, not from blue to red.
Text on the map is also harder to read and see.
Bookmarks cover the map with a opaque blanket and occlude even more information. Bookmarks make the map lag and stutter like a tractor from 100 years ago.
Hiding bookmarks also hide them in the solar system zoom level where you actually want to see them.
The idiotic inertial on the map is hideous for moving around. Zooming on the map feels more unnatural than it does on the old map.

Just to name a few things that are hideous with the new version of the beta map.

Turning it off is not an option; hammering CCP’s thick skulls to fix the map and restore the functionality and usability of the old map is the only option.




Thank you… \o/

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The new map doesn’t have the ability to show connection lines when checking specific systems elsewhere on the map.

Haven’t used the old one since the beta map was released. Has all the functionality for me :):kissing_smiling_eyes:

Beats me how

can possibly be seen as better than

But that’s just me. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Сср new map is bad job :nauseated_face:


The new map is a total dumpster fire, anyone who says otheriwse is a CCP shill


The old map is much cleaner, clearer and easier to use.
Would be nice to have quick toggle options on the new one to turn off and on things that make it difficult to use, like bookmarks and accidentally zooming in too far and ending up in the system view, or out of it.
Also, the lag on the new map when using bookmarks is absolutely horrid.


+1 to have the option between old and new map


read the whole thread. the answer is in it.

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The old map was laggy as hell and took forever to open. If you think it was better than what we have now, then I’m just going to have to assume you barely ever used the old map

The old map opens instantly and only takes a few moments to load. The new map is laggy. information hard to read and it lacks features completeness of the old map.

The old map opens and loads information within 1 second, the new map needs at least 2-3 seconds to load and create all information bits.

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^ This, I hated the new map too, old map forever.

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The problem is simply that the old map won’t be there forever if CCP follows through with their threat to remove every old functionality and replace it with a new version of it.

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Well that’s CCP for you, zero common sense for good game design changes.


Lol stop being curmudgeons over a ma xD; you’re probably just going to use DOTLAN anyway