Map suggestion

To help players avoid NPC gate camps, could there be an option to mark systems with Triglavian or EDENCOM presence in the map?

You can do that already but only in the crappy new map. It’s under NPC activity.

For some inexplicable reason, CCP “forgot” to add that to the better old map, actually removed it because the old map was able to show invaded systems during the Invasion phase.

It’s almost like minor victory systems are different codewise to invasions, as are WH systems.
Since toggling invasions did not show scout systems before either

And how dare CCP not update a no longer supported part of the game… Such terr…
Oh wait…
That’s just entitled players who don’t understand development talking and thinking that adding features to the old map is as easy as copy/paste from the new map.
I.E. There is a reason it is an ‘old’ map, and you should be thankful it exists at all still.

Well, CCP added other features to the old map in the past because they could. And they stopped developing and improving the new map, too. So, take you cringe whine elsewhere because your entitled indifference to terrible development quality and practices is what keeps both maps in place and neither becoming better. :slight_smile:

CCP showed all systems, invaded, MV and Fortress/Final Loon in the old map during the invasion.

No, what keeps both maps in place and CCP burning hours on the old map to keep it working is you.
If everyone changed to the new map they could actually sunset the old map and turn all those Dev hours maintaining it into improving the new map.
This is the reality of linear time, if you make them waste time somewhere, they can’t spend it somewhere else.

CCP did not show systems under reconnaissance prior to the invasion though, which is what the WH systems with gatecamps are now. They are not being invaded, they just have a Trig presence. Yes it is semantics but when talking programming semantics matter.

If CCP had actually developed a better map than the old map, people would do that. Objectively speaking, however, the new map is worse when it comes to data readability, data filtering, navigation and general usability. The only area where the new map is better than the old map is fancy eyecandy. CCP ought to have invested that time into improving the new map when CCP proudly lifted it out of beta and stopped developing it.

I am not going to use a map that is harder to read, harder to understand and harder to navigate.

And this simply shows your ignorance.
The old map was badly laggy, and given that almost certainly was heavy on the back end code as well.
Just because you subjectively have a harder time with the new map does not make it worse in every way.

The old map is most definitely not laggy and never has been laggy. What has been laggy, especially in the beginning, was the new map.

It’s not subjective, it’s objective. The blobs around systems that represent that data are much less granular than the dots on the old map. It’s so bad that you even miss massive centers of activity. Just an example with Average Pilots in space in the last 30 minutes. This is not subjectively worse, this is objectively worse.

Your opinion is by definition subjective.
I am assuming the top image is the new map since it shows jump bridges and the bottom is the old map correct?

So how do I enable this? It’s under NPC Activity, right?

You are kidding, right? You don’t even know which map is which yet you claim that one is better than the other. :facepalm:

I slightly misread your request. The options there only enable the Trig MV and Edencom Fortress/MV system filters, not filters for systems where randomly spawned Trigs are currently running around.

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Subjectively speaking, the new map is better than the old map when it comes to all of that. I joined EVE when the new map was added and have only used the new map. When I use the old map it feels weird and I can’t find stuff. The new map looks better, is quicker and has uses that the old map doesn’t.

Maybe you aren’t ‘objectively speaking’ when you’re talking about the maps. Maybe you’re just used to the old one.

Give the new map an honest try, I dare you!

Oh. Dang it.

I wish that was a thing…

I did. See the pictures above. It’s worse. It’s in fact so bad that the guy claiming it’s better than the old map mistook the old map for the new map. Just because you accepted the worse map and grew accustomed to the worse experience doesn’t make it a better map than the old map. I want to see where things are and how high their values are. I do not want to see fancy circles that do not tell me anything unless I hover over them and then try to read the faint text. If that is too much to ask for for a map, then I gladly continue to make CCP waste their time by having to update 2 maps.

It’s almost like you use different filters on your map to what I use, and therefore I wasn’t 100% sure, since you know, I’m not logged into EVE right now to look at my map. And typically my new map shows lovely jump bridges and such. So… you certainly seem to be using different settings on the two pictures you took.

Note, Also I did not claim the new map is better. I said it is better at at least some things. If it is ‘Better’ overall depends which things you value and how you measure those things.

Is there any way to avoid them, besides quitting the game?

What you want to do is get positive trig & edencom standings.
There are some guides to this around but the short version is go to Pochven and kill some rogue drones.

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So since I currently have negative Trig standings, what I need to do is first kill an EDENCOM ship, then go to Pochven?

Consult the guides for the most efficient ways, but you don’t have to get positive trig standings to go there, you would just have to dodge Trigs till you did.