Fix it please. Broken Incursions on the map. And comparison

If you want to see Incursions on the Old map, it is impossible today. Please, fix it

below, would like to say my personal point of view
want to show comparison New map vs Old map

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as you can see Old map is clear, comfortable and easy

here (New map) you can see lots of lines, you cant switch off useless lines,
you cant see clear line (destination) between regions (map shows you lines in region only)
full 3d map looks good, true, but not comfortable if you use it every day

in conclusion:

  1. please fix Incursions on the Old map
  2. we would like to see New map more comfortable (ergonomics) for every day use, more clear
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:red_circle: CCP knows about the issue and has so for a year. They don’t work on a fix because there is a workaround. CCP also refuses to add new features to the old map because they want to remove it and fierce people to use the trainwreck that the new map is.

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