Dull Map, Where Did The Color Go :(

I played a short while back and I remember the map was very bright and awesome looking when security status was turned on. The back ground was pitch black and it was really a beautiful thing to look at. Now that I’ve returned I can’t seem to find a way to get that awesomeness back. It’s so much duller and the back ground has ugly vertical grey lines running down it, bleh. Please tell me this is not something permanent or I have a wrong setting turned on. It was so much better back in beta.

Which map are you talking about? In case you are talking about the new map: That’s may because it is supposed to be a map and not a Picasso painting. You want to see information, not hazes random colors. The crap in one of the previous iterations of the new map where everything had this weird blur around stars and gate connections (probably the version you remember) made it very hard to figure things out and to use the map at all. So, stay away with your Picasso mania or use an external program if you want that stuff in a map. It has no purpose or place in the ingame map.

What I probably agree with, though, is that systems are not visible at all in areas where lines are shown. In areas without line connections you see the systems as dots but not in areas with lines. CCP Rise and CCP as a whole by extension did a great job 2 years ago when he elevated the “beta map” out of Beta status. It has not become more usable or reminiscent of the old map at all ever since, yet CCP forces this map garbage onto new players.

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