Map is Dull Now, Was So Much Better in Beta

I played a short while back and I remember the map was very bright and awesome looking when security status was turned on. The back ground was pitch black and it was really a beautiful thing to look at. Now that I’ve returned I can’t seem to find a way to get that awesomeness back. It’s so much duller and the back ground has ugly vertical grey lines running down it (no longer pitch black), bleh. Please tell me this is not something permanent or I have a wrong setting turned on. It was so much better back in beta.

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There’s an option in Esc menu (General Settings Tab) that activates the new Beta map. Deselecting it will keep the old map active.

Personally I like the old map, had a lot of user friendly features.

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so clicking that takes me back to the old old map, the new map now used to be in beta about a year and half ago or so. Back then the background was pitch black and the security coloring mode was much much more vibrant. Now the background is greyish and you can even see grey vertical lines running though it. The colors now are much much more dull. Oh, here I found a video of what it used to look like, I guess there were stars in the background too. but this one here was so much nicer to look at, I use to throw it up on my second monitor.

Other than changing the Graphic Content Settings in Esc Menu (Display & Graphics Tab), I don’t know any other option to change how the map looks.

And that map was unusable for what its purpose is: A Map. If you want a Picasso painting, go visit a gallery. A map is supposed to convey information, not look like a hazy LSD dream.

Besides, I do not have vertical gray lines in my new map’s background. I have a faint image of a standard background nebula.

much prettier than a “Picasso” :wink: But I understand it all comes down to personal opinion. An option to have that look (along with the current look) Would have been nice…

Don’t expect too much. CCP officially lifted the map out of Beta status years ago, despite it lacking essential functionality and usage comfort from the old map. They have not worked on it since, except for a few tiny changes last year, which made the map even worse to use.

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