New/Beta Map issues I would like to see changed

I’m still disappointed with the new beta map. Some issues and features that come with the new map really annoy the crap out of me and keep me from wanting to use it. I really want the new map to be good.

First issue: Connection Lines
The lines between the solar systems or way too dim. If you have your map settings to Selection’s Region Lines, then that region’s lines show up nice and bright, but if you choose All Lines, they are all dim. Compare this with the old map and you can see that the lines are very bright and easy to follow. It also may be that the contrast is not as apparent as the old map, as the background is now more grey than pitch black, so it makes the whole map look almost foggy/blurry.



The new map also does not have the functionality to change the line colors like the old map does, as well as other customization options.

Second Issue: Statistic Bubbles
The statistic bubbles, such as the Average Pilots in Space in the Last 30 Minutes, stay the same size no matter how far out or close up you zoom within the map. The images above are both using the average pilots in space statistic at the same time, yet the new map makes all of the bubbles seem to have the same amount of players for the most part, whether there is 1 or 99 players in a single system. Only systems with over 100 players look any different.

Third Issue: Constellation Labels
Constellation labels will appear for the constellations surrounding the one you have selected. These labels can block star systems and make it very annoying to manually set routes without having to select a region elsewhere entirely to get rid of them or to rotate your camera/view a lot.

Fourth Issue: Camera Rotate
Rotating the view, at least in regards for the abstract mode, is quite annoying and pretty much entirely useless for me. I pretty much always want my map to be pointing “space north”. I think this could be fixed pretty easily by letting us lock the little compass you have in the bottom right of the map. I also would really prefer to be able to pan around the map with the left mouse button rather than the right mouse button.

Fifth Issue: Solar System Label on Hover
When you hover over a solar system with your cursor, a label will pop up and display some information. When you do that, the mouse cursor will cover up the number of whatever statistic is displayed.


Those are my main concerns currently from messing around with the map. I hope that you’ll take my feedback into consideration, especially since the new map will eventually replace the old map for good one day. Thank you.


i agree with every point mentioned in this post !

especially the lines and the wierd greyish background…

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The statistic bubbles would be more usable if they could be calibrated with lower/upper bound like PI, depending on what kind of trouble the user was looking to avoid (or get into).

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Honestly, what CCP should do is get the dude that made dotlan on their payroll. His map has been 1000 times more useful than the ingame map since forever. Imagine what he could do from within the game, even if he were just to have design control and leave the code development up to CCP.

Barring that, CCP should simply shamelessly rip off dotlan and use their exact layout.

Very happy to see such a greate update to the new map. Its like the new map is almost ready, finally.
There are only a few details still missing…
I hope that most likely some of these improvements are already planned, and they are on the list, but still, just in case, some suggestions on how to make a new map a worthy substitute for the old one:

  1. Make the system info pop-up window opens above the mouse cursor (not under, as now), so cursor will not overlap it, as it is now.

  2. Make really all connection lines visible if “All Lines” option is turned on.
    For now, even when “All Lines” option turned on, region and constellation connection lines are displayed only for the selected region.
    And its annoying, every time manually select every region to see all conection lines, to know, do they even exist and where they is.

  3. Make region connection lines to be colored like all other connection lines.
    If you look at the security status, the region connection lines must be red and yellow, and green, and blue, but instead they are gray… like they dont working…

  4. Add 2 options like in old map:
    a) Dont display Solar System Names
    b) Dont display Constellation Names
    Because most often they are not needed, and they only distract attention, or completely overlap the view.
    And people who want the same clear look as in the old map will be satisfied.

  5. Add “Disable highlighting of selected constellation\region” option.
    Cuz this would be very useful for those who want to escape the visual interface overload.
    Now, when you open the map, or select any system in map, current constellation is highlighted.
    Its not always needed at all, cuz it simply creates an additional visual load and causes confusion in tracking the route.

  6. The size of the satistic bubbles are too small (if a route line passes through them it is difficult to distinguish them), and does not reflect the difference between the system in which 1 player and the system in which 40 players! In the old map, the sizes of the circles correctly reflect the difference, so need to increase their minimum and maximum size. And, ideally, adjust them so that you can see the difference between systems where 1 player and 10 since between 1 player and 10 players is a very big difference. And it’s better to see it, than to know for sure that in some system there are not “many players” but “very many” or “very-very many”


You should be able to turn on/off the entire coloring thing of connection lines. Outside of narrow things like security level of a system, they make the map harder to read for things like people in space, people docked, jobs started and so on.
On the old map you have clear and concise dots and bubbles that tell you what is what and where to click to get more information. On the new beta map version, the overload on colors in particular with the lines blurs everything into one big mess.

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When you select to display thinghs like people in space, people docked, jobs started and so on, all connections colors are disabled, except the route, same as in the old map…
The only problem is that the size of satistic bubbles is too smal and, obviously, not yet tuned-up well (read my 6.)

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That is not my experience. For me, the map with People in Space in the Last 30 Minutes looks like this:

If you managed to turn that off and only have the system show the indicators, please let me know how you managed to do that. I really want to know.

That’s a nice euphemism. CCP had nearly 2 years since the botched development start of the beta map. You would think they could program something good with the tons and tons of feedback from 3 or 4 long devblog and test feedback topics. But no, the map is still nothing more than a sparkly picasso drawing rather than a useful tool.

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Stupid new color in new map. Need more light

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I apologize, forgot about it…
Its not about region\constellation connection lines colors, its about region\constellation highlighting, which really causes difficulties. Was suggested to add the option of turning it off…

But, however, development continues…, actual improvements are taking place.

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i just think the new map is just too complicated and trying to show too much in a graphical format which just does not work… I know it looks good but it just too 3D…

it needs to be simple and quick too load.

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Another steaming ■■■■ sandwich forced down our throats! Looks like an eight bit Nintendo map, the probe/D-scan is even worse!

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