Beta Map Feedback

Here’s some feedback I have about the Beta Map so far CCP.

  1. Remove the Orb Outlines

As I’ve already stated in the Psycho Sisters thread, the borderless orbs of the old map are perfect for quickly digesting the information displayed, and shouldn’t be changed just for the sake of looking ‘updated’. The new outlines simply add visual noise and should be removed from the beta map.

  1. Change the Jumps Per Hour heat map color to dark blue for the minimum

The full range of colors from dark blue to bright red, again, made the data incredibly easier to read compared to what you’ve changed it to on the beta map. Dark orange to a slightly lighter orange to bright red is much harder to discern the variations by comparison.

  1. Reallow Map Camera to pitch below Map Plane

I doubt that player disorientation due to camera pitch was really much of a problem to begin with, but a better solution would be just to create a map button and/or hotkey to reset the camera orientation if it does happen.

  1. Enlarge the Filter Menus to completely encompass all options without having to scroll

Somebody else might’ve brought this up, but the small dropdown window is not even resizable, so you almost always have to scroll down the list unless you want an option near the very top. This adds pointless tedium if it’s not addressed eventually.

Those are all the issues I have with it right now. On the plus side if you hide the Personal Bookmarks from the map it’s really responsive, so I like that. Other than that I can only implore you to make these changes CCP, since you’re eventually going to make it our only option.

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And remove the background stars and replace them with plain black color. It’s a map, not some kind of painting. The background stars make it harder to differentiate between actual stars and background noise.

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Dear CCP, please consider some more features for the map

  1. Abstract overlay should be really abstract 2d.
  2. Please make star statistics more bright so that you can easily see it. Now if there is 2-3 ships killed in a system the circle is so plain that you woun’t notice it.
  3. The most important thing for me is interstellar connection lines. And now they are so plain that it is just impossible to see them. Please consider making them bright in all regions settings like in current region ones.
    Thank you.