The New Map - Pilots In Space / Docked

(Markus Jameson) #1

CCPlease … Can you sort the map out so it’s usable again :slight_smile:

Because as it is it’s as useless as a left handed screwdriver when you’re right handed, & have no hands, having recently lost them in a freak accident involving a budgerigar & two sticks of celery.

In the old map the haze around systems with pilots in had enough variation to see at a glance which were busy & which weren’t … In the new one the only system that looks any different from the others is Jita & even then you’ve got to know where to look & then squint hard to find it.

Can you please adjust the haze so there’s actually a perceivable difference again between systems with more pilots & those with fewer.

If you can’t then (as far as I’m concerned) you might as well just bin the map completely because (for me) it’s mostly a waste of space right now :slightly_frowning_face:


(Renesco) #2

You can turn off the new map in the options you know.

(Markus Jameson) #3

Yup, but the old map isn’t there to replace it with any more, so that doesn’t really help.

(Keno Skir) #4

Savage :confused:

(Markus Jameson) #5

No savage would be (a bit more) like…

Of course! :astonished: why didn’t I think of that :roll_eyes: that’s a really helpful observation, solves everything doesn’t it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But I just wasn’t feeling up to crafting any heavy sarcasm at the time :confused: my lackluster performance clearly disappointed you, I’ll try to do better next time :blush:

(Keno Skir) #6

I meant having an option to not use the new map but not having an old map to put in it’s place is savage.

I mean it’s fine really i’m sure with time forgiveness will come… …

(Markus Jameson) #7

Gotcha :slight_smile:

(Keno Skir) #8

I just sat here for 5 mins watching your post shift and transform. You are gripped by editing fever :smiley:

(Markus Jameson) #9

All done now :smile:

(Shailagh Rose) #10

The beta map has been in beta for years.

Ccp i know icelanders have culture that promote ego and prevent defeat, yet holy ■■■■ just GIVE UP ON THE BETA MAP.

Give DotLan money for rights to either use theirs or copy it.

Give up.

After years in beta, you are still failing at this map

(Markus Jameson) #11

I don’t think DotLan provides the live up-to-date data I’m after (?) so that wouldn’t really be a viable alternative for me … the CCP map does, all it needs is a small adjust to the visual display.


You’re just being silly right?

(Ayx Shewma) #12

Just get rid of the current map and put Dotlan ingame. Simple.

(Markus Jameson) #13

As I just said.

(Ayx Shewma) #14

Dotlan does indeed provide this info.

(Markus Jameson) #15



Never mind, found it, that is not what I want though is it :roll_eyes: I want the old visual display that let me see at a glance which systems were most populated without having to click each damn system to find out how many are in each one … I made that perfectly clear in the OP & my comments … if you have a different issue with the map go make your own thread about it instead of polluting mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Max Deveron) #16

I press F10, wow still using the old map…you must be really dense

(Markus Jameson) #17

Really … I’m so happy for you … so how does that achieve anything different from using the mouse on the Neocom? … & if it doesn’t (which it doesn’t) how is that even slightly relevant :thinking:, Oh, it’s not.

You think I’m still using the old map :laughing: … so how long have you been semi-literate then :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … & how is it you still think the old map can still be used :roll_eyes:

A lot less dense than you it seems :relieved:, thankfully.

(Benje en Divalone) #18

The data is available and timely. It would take a few tweaks to Dotlan to expose it in the preferred format.

The point still stands that CCP’s implementation is still rather shameful.

(Markus Jameson) #19

Fair enough, but they don’t currently display it that way do they, so for me they don’t really have anything to offer over & above the in-game maps.

(system) #20

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