New map interface

Values presentation

Change circle size to square logarithm scale
It’s impossible to see difference between 10 pilot system and 1 pilot system when we have Jita (1000+ pilot system) on map




Looks like current formula for old map is (in case of docked pilots stat and my screen resolution)
2*ln(value)^2 + 5

Links presentation
Make “All lines” lines visible
There is no difference between “Selection’s lines only” and “All lines”

See yourself

Selection’s lines only

All lines


I completely support!

I use the new map a lot, and this is one of the things that I really think is better in the old map.

The visual representation of numbers in the old map is much better than the new map because of this. On the other hand, the new map looks a lot cleaner when those circles aren’t spanning entire constellations like in the old map. Maybe a compromise can be found where the circles aren’t spanning entire constellations, but do give a better visual representation of the numbers using logarithmic scale for size and colours of the circles.

The difference is actually there. The lines are vague, but when you have ‘all lines’ you do see all lines. Just the selection’s lines are coloured and much more visible, but the rest is visible as well. You can see the difference in the pictures you provided.

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I see now. There some lines in noise. Not usable anyway.

Maybe display dependent problem

The lines are just vague enough to give an impression the stars are linked. But you’re right, they’re hard to see like this. Maybe they could be made slightly brighter.

I do think it’s good that there is such a contrast between the coloured lines of the selected system (and connected systems) versus all the other lines in the universe. This makes it much easier to see where the lines of the current selection go and keeps the rest of the map clean.

“Selection’s Region lines” LGTM


Note even more faded but still visible region transitions

Someone criticizing the new map? :open_mouth: Those are all very good points.

Just ditch these circles and make it dots again. They serve no valid purpose except for eyecandy, which a map tool in a war game like EVE does not need. Especially since the rings only appear on very large blobs and turn into dots anyway when you zoom in far enough. And other data indicators are dots in the first place, like the Security Status filter.

Speaking of the SecStat filter. The contrast is terrible in the new map:

A bit more contrast would be a welcome change indeed. Especially the lines between stars of darker colours (red for example) are pretty hard to see.

For example, there are supposed to be some red lines between the null sec stars top right in the following picture. But I can barely see them.

(One is continuing upward to the right from the striped vertical line.)

I’d like to see more contrast for lines (and stars) in these colours.

These minor things aside, I love the new map. I’ve tried the old map as well, but I can’t get used to that one; it seems the new map is better in almost every way. It’s less laggy, is in a separate resizable window instead of taking the entire screen, can zoom in and out from scale of the universe to the scale of individual planets, can center on a single solar system for turning around instead of having a turning point somewhere far below the universe (making me nauseous when I move it around) and honestly, looks so much better.

Thanks CCP, please keep continuing the development of this new map.

@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

I like this dude’s proposed changes to make the map better. Thought I’d bug you guys with it.


Yes please give some love to “new” map =P

Let the players choose the style of the map, the player himself will choose which one is more convenient for him.

It’s possible to use old map now.

AFAIK only thing that not visible on old map and visible on new is metaliminal storms

Support! Thank you!!!

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As mentioned above, the contrast is severely lacking.
The data display is not nearly as clearly distinguishable as it is on the old map.
The data display spams the map with huge circles of same size when you zoom out which makes reading data frustratingly inaccurate.
The data display is much less granular, putting vastly different data numbers in the same color as opposed to the old map.
The lines are coloed instead of the dots.
The new map lacks landmark locations.


Reason #2143523409824 for Jita Supernova :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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