CCPlease: Why are we forced to choose between old and new maps? What happened?

I prefer using the old map, though I do have uses for the new one.

We used to be able to add a shortcut to the Beta Map, allowing one to use both maps interchangeably whenever we saw fit. However, I am no longer seeing the “Map Beta” in the shortcuts anymore. Therefore, if you turn on the new map you are essentially turning off the old one!

Is this intentional? Do we now have to choose one or the other?


Look under General-Settings, apparently you have unchecked the option “Try the New Map”.

Right, but you used to be able to add a shortcut to the new map after checking the box so that you wouldn’t need to override the old map. That way you could use both maps interchangeably at the same time.

Now there is only one shortcut option for “Maps” so that once you turn on the new map, it nullifies the old one.

Yes, that option is not valid anymore, you can have only one of the maps active, not both anymore. The Old Map was the “F10” key, now there is only 1 shortcut and you have to decide through the setting which Map will be used.

That is really lame, I wonder why they are doing this? Most people seem to still favor the old map, I hope that this doesn’t mean they will soon only be offering the new one…

Agree, i wish we had still the option to use both maps.


I’d love to get CCP’s reaction to this thread if possible; I’m curious why they are making us choose between maps that each have their own positives and negative aspects to them. It’d be great to be able to quickly switch between them as to be able to utilize your preferred aspects of them.

I think they plan to disable the old map completely, the option “Try the New Map” is only temporally active.

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