D - Scan and ccp's need for f-ing non broken shuff

So for over 18yrs D scan has been working fine Then Some num nut decided hey lets fix the D scan

Why remove the click ability to change filter
Why does range refer to 1au when undocking everytime
Why does the center of ship no longer become center of D scan

FFS Devs get it together

Well, d-scan is working just fine for me. I suggest filing a bug report and a support ticket. Hopefully, they can figure out what’s going on.

It’s actually not resetting to 1 AU. It is still 14.3 AU but the field adds spaces in front of the numbers, for inexplicable reasons. It has been doing that for the better part of a year since CCP started messing with the UI again.
Click into the field and it immediately shows the 14.3 figure.


Okay, good, it’s not just me. I’ve noticed that in the last couple of months or so. The “14.3” is so far right you only see the “1”. Set the range smaller and then back and most of the “14.3” shows again. The “3” is still a little truncated though. Seems to be independent of window size.

I’ll file a bug report myself next time I’m on.

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