Photon UI D-Scan Slider Bug

When using the Photon UI D-Scan distance/range adjustment slider to scan at a distance of anything other than 1AU, 5AU, 10AU or 14.3AU, the slider used to adjust the distance automatically jumps to the nearest 1, 5, 10 or 14.3AU marker. This make using the up and down arrows on the D-Scan to adjust the distance a necessity, and these arrows are very small and tedious to use.
For example, if you set the D-Scan to 7.7AU, the the slider meant for adjusting the distance jumps the the 10AU marker on the slider. It sill scans at 7.7AU but, just going by the slider you wouldn’t know it.
This issue nearly completely negates the utility of the D-Scan distance/range adjustment slider.
This ought to be fixed.
I have submitted a bug report on the issue.

Hey @Tanzubbora_Adran_Quzx_pon this looks to be the same as old UI from my testing. Have you gone back to try?

It’s a decent QoL suggestion, but I think its unchanged.


With the standard ui range slider? Works fine, well, I’ve been usimg the photon ui for a while so idk if it has broken in the same way since I’ve used it. Last I checked (a few days ago), this is still an issue on the photon ui. I’ll check again though to see if the issue still persists. I imagine it is still a thing but I hope to be pleasantly suppprised. It’d be nice to have the photon ui perfectly functional.

I meant - the old UI works the same way. The slider is just much smaller.

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As someone that plays with both new and old UI at same time - boxing, I can easly say that old UI is friendlyer. Smaller buttons, wierd call back probe button, glitchy or just wierd ai, radius changer, as op said sliders work just wierd. I do try to adapt

Maybe it’s something that takes time to get use to, hopefuly, idk,

I dont own this game so its not up to me lol, however i personaly would do it sligthly better, will see how it turns out

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My bad, I figured I didnt fully understand what you ment. The old ui you can use the slider to adjust to any costom specific distance. The new ui d-scan you can’t do that.
If it was just a re-skin you should be able to. If it’s by design then I think someone isn’t thinking, or the designer doesn’t know how useful it is to be able to adjust the d-scan to a specific and exact range. That’s more or less besides the point. The d-scan slider doesn’t function as its design suggests it would or how the old one currently does, and so I think it ought to function as it’s design suggests it should and as the old one does. It mimics the format of the old ui, and so I imagine it would be intended to preform as the old one does.
This is the most significant flaw I’ve found with the new ui. The next is how bloated it is compared to the old one. Takes up more space for the same level of utility, arguably less given the d-scan slider issue. I use the new ui coz it’s prettier, and I make do with its flaws.

In my opinion the slider is way to thin. Hard to use it fast when you have to aim

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