Option to size dscan angle and range bar sizes

One ui that needs to be user friendly is the dscan tool.

Finding enemies needs to be done quickly, but I find it extremely challenging to quickly adjust the dscan range or angle quickly due to the extremely thin bars you can use to change them. As far as I know there is no way to adjust the size of these bars.

dscan ■■■■

It would be extremely useful to be able to adjust the size so that one can quickly change dscan angle or range without needing pinpoint precision to hit the 2 or 3 pixel wide bars.


I found myself yesterday with massive issues even hitting the sliders in the first place because I constantly was 1 pixel too low for the sliders and instead tried to drag the window frame. Another issue is the lack of contrast. In not so optimal lighting conditions (ie. a slightly brighter ambient lighting from sunshine) it is impossible to click at the right spot at the end of the range slider and not missclick at the start of the Angle slider.

This is probably all by design to “reduce cognitive overload, make the UI easier to use and streamline the experience”.

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Locking the D-scan window fixed that for me.

Other than that, making it easier to move those sliders gets a +1 from me.

thanks for the tip, I probably have to use this to fix bad CCP development quality. However, even if that fixes things, it should not be necessary. I just checked it and the window border to drag the window is literally 0 pixel below the edge of the slider bar. The mouse turns into the window border drag cursor on the bottom edge line of the slider. That’s just poor development quality and yet again a case where Photon makes things worse compared to the old UI.

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