Probe Scanner and Overview trying to Occupy Same Spot

I want three basic things.

I want my overview to be big, enough to contain at least 30 entities.

I want my overview to be on the right side of the screen when I am not in the solar system map since that’s what I am comfortable with. I mean if it is on the right side when I open the probe scanner and am in the solar system map, that’s fine too, but I want it on the right side when I close it.

Third, I don’t want to see the probe scanner window when I close the solar system map and now look into space at my ship.

The big problem is docking the probe scanner window into the solar system map puts it on the right where the overview is and undocking from the solar system map makes the probe scanner window active at all times.

Any advice on this?

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I have my Overview on the bottom left, tall enough to have 30 to 40 entities in it. My left is my awareness ( coming from left field ) and up against the top is my Local, minimized. I can see the number of people in local, that’s enough for general info.
I undocked the probe scanner window and docked it in the Overview window.
Slid the Solar System window to the right, resizable at will.
My target window is right next to my Overview and modules comtrols next to that.
I auto-hid the toolbar to the right.
Awareness and actions to the left, info and others to the right. That’s how I deal with the crazy UI :crazy_face: and it works for me.

I use the solar system map in windowed mode instead of fullscreen mode, so I can have my probe scanner window at the right side of the solar system map, yet still have space to the right of it for my overview and (undocked) directional scanner.

Like this:

Cna you probe like that?

Yep, easily. Probing as we speak:

Just wondering, why do you think you need a larger screen to probe?

With keybinds and doubleclicking objects to center on them, doubleclicking empty space to tilt the plane, you don’t really need that much space.

And a smaller probe window means I can still have my eyes on local, overview, dscan or any ships that are warping in on me.

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