Can we have the probe window when mininimsed stay minimised on undock?

Can we have the probe window when mininimsed stay minimised on undock?

It’s annoying having it pop up every time when undocking after I minimised it before.

Also a window position lock would be good too.

Just close it like a normal human being, and you can lock it in place?

Or are you talking about the solar system map?

It’s one of those fancy dock Left right or full screen windows, no padlock to dock it.

and having it pop up in my face every undock when I explicitly minimised it prior is not a good thing.

I minimised it for a reason.

So you are taking about the system map. And yeah every window that uses that style is cancer and needs to go.

No, I am talking about the dscan and probe map window.

It’s the same kind of window.

Yeah… that window is called solar system map. The probe scanner is the box that shows sigs, atoms, and has the probe controls.

Though I am curious why do you just minimize rather than close?

Because I want to use it frequently later, just not after undocking. It’s just more crap that gets in the way on undocking and at busy stations, that’s more UI crap lag. I want to warp, not play move the window.

Yeah… so you close the window, then when you want to use it hit f9

I minimised it before docking, that’s the point of this therad, to KEEP THE THING MINIMISED.

You are now trolling off topic derailing the thread.

No I’m not, currently players that want it to reopen when they undock can minimize. Players that don’t want it to reopen can close.

What is the functional difference that makes it less optimal for you to just close rather than minimize?

It can simply remember the last state it was in if it was opened before docking, keep it open, if it was minimised, keep it minimised.

It’s quite simple to have it remember the last state.

I am not asking for it to be minimised when it was open , only when it was minimised before docking.

You intentionally derail any thread that wants improvemend and change.

Or rather than spending resources on that you can just close the window rather than minimize. You still haven’t given me a reason you would want it minimized rather than closed.

Ffs it takes more effort to minimize for 0 gain, why are you doing this to yourself.


I think what Lugh was getting at is that some people want the window to restore to regular size at undock and would find this change detrimental, so barring a new checkmark option for behavior on a per-player basis, the solution is for players who don’t want it open at undock can close it, while those who DO want it to open at undock can minimize it.

Simply have it remember the state the player put it in last. Everybody wins.

Oh and padlock.

Except for those who want it to reopen when they undock without having to hit a key.

This is one of those ‘what would make the experience better for you, would make it worse for someone else’ things. There is an alternate option for either end of the configuration, but SOMEONE has to hit a key somewhere. Is it fair to say the other players who like it as-is should have to hit keys so that you, who wants a change, do not have to hit keys?

It’s not even that. The functionality she wants exists just by hitting the x rather than the - this will keep the widow closed when you undock until you want to open it again.

If she would explain why that doesn’t work I might understand

Actually F9 totally wipes my window settings, the dscan and probe scan results, that is not working as you said it does. You give bad advice, your solution has nothing to do with this topic and what I am describing. All it does is bring up the solar system man and wipes out the dscanner and probe results that was opened.

Your solution is not a solution. The window layout is not preserved.

Go derail threads somewhere else.

Probe scanner and D scan are separate windows.

D scan is opened with V and probe scanner is opened with alt+p.

When they are all docked together closing the solar system map will close them all however it is no more disruptive to them than docking and undocking would be anyway.

I think the more general version of this request would be can the state of my interface before I dock be remembered for the next undock. At this point I don’t care either way as long as the results are predictable.

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