Dscan- When, where and how do I use it?

I posted this on the old forums so I hope it is okay to post it here too…

When I first joined the game after being invited by a coworker I was given the advice that I should ‘have dscan up at all times’. However, I’ve got a few questions and he’s not online.

  1. Dscan seems to fill my entire screen with a system map or something which blocks me from seeing whatever I am doing. Is there a way to change this? How can I have it available at all times?

  2. How do I use dscan? Can I just leave it set to 360 degrees and mash the button every few seconds?

  3. How do I filter the scan results to omit things like wrecks and citadels?


Hi there,

DScan’s purpose is to give you an indicator of what may be near (within 14 AU) your ship.

  1. Dscan can be accessed by pressing Alt+D. To reduce the amount of screen space that Dscan requires, when you next have the window open, look for a button on the top left panel that looks like a square inside of a square. Click this and close the larger window, this should leave Dscan open and close the probe window.

  2. Take a look at this guide on the Directional Scanner from Eve University .

  3. To filter your Dscan results, simply chose an overview preset from the drop-down box in the Dscan window


Thanks so much for the help, @ISD_Stall! That’s exactly the sort of information I was looking for.


No problem, good luck.


Using sister probe launcher and sisters probes and having skills at at least lvl 4 will make your probing less frustrating also. Implants and a cov ops ship with scanner probe bonus don’t hurt either.


When in any space you think MIGHT be dangerous, even slightly, spam D-scan like it’s a sixth finger. If anything strange or unexpected shows up, get safe until it’s gone.

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Our pfp’s look pretty similar, thats a first.

But it is possible to effectively probe for ships with regular launcher and regular combat probes, even with Alpha clone that restricts your astrometric skills to lvl 2. It just takes a little practice. If you can narrow down the range to 30 degrees with Dscan you have them pinned down, if you fly a Probe.