D-Scan Bubble on the Solar System Map

So my gf is learning to play EVE and I’ve learned a number of things about new player experience.

One of them is that having this big ■■■■■■■ bubble is very confusing to new players on the solar system map. It shows up when they are learning to probe, and it has ■■■■ all to do with probing.

PLEASE for the love of god CCP set the default for that D-Scan bubble to ‘Off’ so that you need to enable it for it to show up, rather than the other way around (currently it’s there by default and you need to turn it off).

Not at home to test… but I’m pretty sure the Dscan bubble only shows up on the Map if you have Dscan menu open.

If you’re Probing, then you shouldn’t have the Dscan open, you should have the Probe menu up.

Just tell her to close Dscan and the bubble will go away.

Hmm I will have to give that a shot myself and see as well, might be the case.

…but then how will she D-Scan?

I think the bubble should only appear when you hit V to d-scan actively, then disappear after a second.

That…could be nice :open_mouth:

I’d be afraid CCP would make it glitchy as hell tho

The bubble is highlighting the section of the map which your Dscan will reach. If you narrow it down to 180* or 45* or something, the bubble will turn into a hemisphere or a cone. So having it disappear when you aren’t scanning would make it kinda hard to aim ahead of time. You’d have to guesstimate your aim, then scan (both to see what’s out there and also to see where you actually ended up scanning) and then guesstimate the aim again.

I think the long term fix for Mrs Doc Bio is to close the Dscan when they’re probing.

The only issue here is that you’ve got too many sensors being displayed. But that’s no worse than having an Overview tab that literally shows everything from corpses and wrecks to Celestials, and then complaining that there’s too much clutter. =)

You can also have the bubble become active when you start playing with the controls with a fade out after a few seconds when you stop fiddling. It’s code. You just write in conditions and turn it on and off accordingly.

Marcus Gideon:

The only issue here is that you’ve got too many sensors being displayed.

I have a 4k screen and play the game in 3840x2160. Have dscan and probe windows open 100% of the time on the left and local and overview open on the right with my inventory on the bottom left. The dscan bubble drives me nuts. I shouldn’t need to turn it off and on. It should automatically appear when I make the dscan window the active window (Eve client already detects this because it changes transparency values upon selection). So if I am adjusting controls, the bubble can show and fade out with a timer. If I hit V, same thing.

Ping bubble shows and slowly fades out

Adjust range or angle bubble shows until adjustments stop, then slowly fades out

then closse the d-scan…

as others have said when you narrow the angle most use the scanner map to aim the scan beam.

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I have both Probe and DScan windows open at all times… WH levels of paranoia :slight_smile:

When I do have to probe, I just set DScan Range to zero, the bubble disappears, I probe scan, then I set the range back to maximum.

I find this is a good workflow…

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