Minimize non-locked windows shortcut

Being a new player and having opted in for the new UI system, first off it looks cool and I’m overall quite happy with the change. I was very disappointed to find that even though my wish came true for a UI overhaul, I didn’t get the feature I wanted most; the ability to close/minimize all windows that aren’t locked.

I like to set up my ui so that some windows are always visible, like eg. overlay. However other windows I find I use on a more ad-hoc basis like opening my inventory window (it pops up on its own if you open a container) when looting things, but these windows are more transient in that they kinda of float around where and when I need them, but when things start feeling too cluttered and I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed with spreadsheets, I’d like to hit a key so that just my trusty old overview and d-scanner are visible, back to how I’m used to it being. Then I can reopen transient windows again as, and when, I need them.

Thanks for a great game!

Also, if you could make the NEOCOM bar dockable to the top and bottom of the screen, in addition to the left and right, that would be stellar. I know EVE has had the bar on the left for eons, but Windows has been around longer and I like my bars on the bottom where they belong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ctrl-w will close your selected window, maybe that can be useful for you?

I always close windows that way when I’m done with it.

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