Small UI keybind suggestion

Add a keyboard shortcut for “close all unlocked windows”, to close all windows that have not been locked with the small top-right lockpad icon.
The purpose would be to close all windows one has not configured as part of their fixed UI

No. Even though it’s the UI, nothing in game can be done on a keybind that is faster than a human.

As in your example, a human cannot close multiple windows at once without doing one click per window.

CCP has explicitly stated that anything that creates a macro/keybind that does more than one action is against the EULA

there’s already a “Close All Windows” and a “Minimize/Maximize All Windows” and a “Collapse All Windows.” This suggestion is even less than “all.”

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Exactly, another way to see my suggestion is to have the options of keeping some windows open, like the chat, while using the keybind that already exists.

(The chat in this case is particularly annoying because you’ll have to rejoin every single channel)

Also, Geo Eclipse Oksaras, everything you quoted was stated in regard of third party tools, not the official UI which is, by definition, in accord with the EULA.

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