No "x" to close window


Close and minimize should not be hidden inside a menu.


If you do not want it hidden, use the default UI view and not compact. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: CCP is telling you with this ridiculous and hilarious design choice that you either suffer from wasted space and less visible UI information or suffer from wasted space and less visible UI information. Pick your poison. :joy:

If CCP pays me $50,000 a year, I will lead their UI development team.

Yes, I am willing to bet my car that the person responsible for this moronic design also made the decision to add one more “click” to compressing of ore…

This update is a joke.

Still, it goes with the number of active players.

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I totally agree - this now requires a superfluous extra ‘click’.
Please reinstate the ‘Close’ and ‘Minimise’ buttons to their former positions IN the window.

And while i’m at it:
The Drone window - I do not want the ‘Drones in Bay’ open every time I Undock.
Again, this requires a superfluous extra ‘click’ which is time-consuming and very annoying.
I want ALL windows to be EXACTLY as they were when I last left them.

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CCPls expose minimize/close buttons on every window; give us a consistent UI design.

I can’t figure out what rules the designers used to decide which window should have the control buttons, and which should not. Some small windows don’t have it (“minimalistic” approach) - and others do.


Interior designers specialized in clean design solutions

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