Space for a X to close?

hey guys

are there maybe some pixels left for a X in the corner to close a windows in compact mode?

thank you



Would be nice, I love compact mode but I also like being able to close windows.


You can close windows. Just us the menu under the three dots. :wink:


yea i know but it would be cool to have the X up front


It would be a quality of life improvement but it would be helpful to have an X to close out the window. Not a game-changer, life-ending… but the quality of life improvement, even if it was a small box that wasn’t red so the state of being emerged with the game isn’t compromised on the CCP goal side.



No. You must drill through at least 4 layers of menus to get to a button that has become standard across U.I. design and then click okay on a dialogue box warning you that you’re about to close a window because… reasons.

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How about anchored windows only have the three dots menu and everything that is not anchored has a X to close the window right next to the three dots?

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