Some menus maximize instead of minimizing when double-clicked

(Also posted on Reddit with a bit more colorful choices of expression)

I realize this isn’t explicitly a bugfix, but if one of the stated goals for Photon UI is a “unified UI experience”, there is a huge need to fix something that is very not-unified.

If you double-click:

  • Overview settings
  • Show Info
  • Dscan
  • Probe Scanner (the one with signatures and anomalies in it)
  • Chat windows
  • Contacts list
  • A ship fit
  • Multibuy
  • Marketplace
  • Assets
  • Wallet
  • Almost everything

For all of these, if you double-click the top, the window minimizes in-place. This is very, very good for the game. This is how it should be. If you’re in a station juggling 100 windows, in-place minimization is good. If you’re in space and something shows up on your overview, being able to minimize things to give screen-space is good. Then when whatever issue presented itself is gone, you can go right back to where you were.

But these are not unified at all, and behave completely unexpected compared to basically every other window experience in the game:

  • Ship Tree: maximizes
  • Star Map: maximizes
  • Signature scanning window: maximizes
  • Skill window: maximizes
  • Project Discovery: does nothing
  • Character sheet: does nothing

Please make these minimize. Please make these minimize. Please make these minimizable and not a “surprise, your overview is now hidden and you’re gonna die, get rekt”.

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