Scanner Probes Disappearing off of the Solar System Map

This morning as I was out scanning down anomalies the big Icon that allows you to move your scan probes around just disappeared off of my scan map. The probes are still there but I can’t do anything with them. I’ve recalled them and launched them several times but still no icon. Couldn’t find a keybind that would toggle that, so no scanning for me!!
Anybody know how I could have messed this up??

You probably by accident moved them very far up or down. This happens every now and then when you do not look at the handle straight from the side but a tiny bit from an angle. I have grabbed the up/down arrows multiple times this way and moved the probes up/down dozens of AU away from the map center. It’s fun. you have to try to move the probes closer to the center again by moving them to the side and then maybe trying to grab the up/down (or sideway arrows, depending on where the probes are). Or let them expire and hope they spawn closer to the center after a system change.

Recall you probes. Logoff and back on to reset.

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