Scanning / Missed Scans with Probes , False Scans, Lag

For a few days I’ve noticed on occasion I’ll move probes and scan but then the probes snap back to its previous location after the scanning cycle completes. Sometimes its not clear this has happened.

This has happened over the years on very rare occasion but in this last week its been happening constantly and its starting to impact gameplay. Has anybody else been seeing this?

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I haven’t done any scanning in a long time.

Might help to clear all cache files in Esc menu and also verify all downloaded files in shared cache of the Launcher.

Anyway, if that doesn’t help then you should definitely submit a bug report about it and include some screenshots of the issue.

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I had something like this but slightly different yesterday.
For me when I moved my probes, the little widget you grab would be cloned graphically and I would suddenly have to choose which set to grab for the next scan. Selecting the wrong set deselected the signature I working on.
The other thing I’ve been seeing lately is panning the map sometimes causes it to zoom in or out randomly. Not all the time, but enough to be irritating.

Sigh I’d have to record video for it. Still happening

Yep, have that same issue for about two years now. It seems to have something to do with when exactly you open the (solar system) probing map, before or after you launch your probes. I tried testing it, but it is not entirely consistent, just gives a higher chance for the cloning of the cube to occur. Pretty annoying.

Haven’t had same observation as OP, thankfully.

Still happening, missed over 20 scanned in the last 15 minutes. This is getting ridiculous.

I thought perhaps it was my home connection, computer, or install, but I installed it at work and literally the first thing that happened was missed scans there too.

If you can, make a video, and add it to a support ticket. They will probably ask you to do a few more things before they send it on to the technical support team.

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