Disappearing probes

Why my probes are still disappearing?

Yesterday I scanned using Sisters Core Scanner Probes. Today I discovered that my probes disappeared again. Second time in this month. It happens again and again. What happens with the probes?

I know this might seem like a silly question, but there’s not a lot of info in your post and no other reports of anyone experiencing a problem.

You are recalling your probes before they expire?


I finished scanning, called the probes, reloaded the launcher and returned to the citadel.

Next day… My probe launcher was empty.

Then raise a support ticket.

No one can give you an answer here if you haven’t made some mistake, as mysteriously, you’re the only person having this issue.

You’ll need a GM to take a look for you and see what is in the server logs.

I’ve scanned with probes (sister combat probes) chasing neutral. He barely managed out alive, jump to another system, i’ve jumped after him, load combat probes and “no sisters combat probes”. WHAT?

i lost my sisters probes last night when docking, support ticket raised

Did you dock before the probes were fully loaded? Did you dock right as the probes were loaded?

I just want to inform that my probes have disappeared again.

It’s getting tiring and frustrating…


My Sisters Core Scanner Probes disappeared again.

What is going on?


AGAIN! My Sisters Core Scanner Probes disappeared!

Why?! WTF…

Happening to me too

same here, seems to be related to reloading probes shortly before docking and then logging off …

My ■■■■■■■ probes disappeared for the third ■■■■■■■ time