Combat probes dont seem to work anywhere

I was out today trying to use combat probes in Hisec and they didn’t seem to work anywhere now. I even was trying to use them in the same system I was scanning with them before downtime and they don’t work there either.

I checked around 10 systems and couldn’t find even 1 that I could sisters combat probe scan and I tried using my tengu and a stratios, both with a sisters expanded launcher, nothing worked.

It is not possible there was a forward operating base in every system.

Mine work flawlessly. Tried relogging?

That did fix it, thank you, but now I basically have lost all my scanned systems for that so its good to know, but its still messed up.

You don’t even need to relog there is a filter and sometimes it randomly clears the filter and you see nothing just need to set it same as overview.

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