Combat Probes are bugged

Since Tuesday (December 12th), combat probes have become unreliable.

Combat probes will only let you probe any ship’s location once. Every time you scan after that, it will still warp you to that first location. Saving the ship’s location will also only use the first scanned location.

I’ve submitted several bug reports for this issue as I learned how to reproduce it over the course of the week.

See this example:

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that explains some problems we where having last night, missed some good kills because our prober was warping us to old spots

I figured out this not something that happens occasionally. It happens for all ships all the time.

It will only find a ship’s first location and after that it won’t update the location. Whatever I do, it will warp to that first location, even if I probed down the same ship on the other side of the system.

I tried deleting all settings and reinstalling the game and it did not fix it. This is really ruining my fun with the game right now. So many missed kills.

Can confirm this has affected multiple of us in the Uni and is becoming an issue. It’s not even consistently buggy. It’ll be fine for a few scans and then suddenly its only the old locations. Causing all kinds of problems and not just in PvP but PvE has issues that arise as well amusingly (or not) enough. Hopefully they’ll answer this issue sooner than later.

Confirmed! Noticed it two days ago and filed a bug report with a screen recording, too. You can’t hunt ships on the grid anymore.

Confirm this bug

confirmed, combats not working now, show only one place with no difference

Confirmed. Missed my kill.

Same here, noticed on thurs and initially just thought it was my own stupidity, but confirmed now - really stitched us up in a fight yesterday

Confirm this bug, lost a target today because of this

Do you think they’re reading this?

Happy gank-less Xmas?

from today’s patch notes

PATCH NOTES FOR 2023-12-19.1

Defect Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue with combat scanner probes only tracking the position of a ship or object the first time you scanned it, and not updating to their new position if they moved for subsequent scans.