PROBING - Unwarpable 100% Hits


Im currently facing allot of problems with probing.
At 1st i tought it was a random glitch. But i have it consistantly ( on an daily basis ).
100% hits which are just not warpable and unable to make a Bookmark.

This behavior is very frustrating.

Is this a known new feature i just missed the devblog from ? or do others experience this aswell?

Its very frustrating not being able to warp to your 100% hit.

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I had this issue few weeks ago with combat probing.
Bug reports it

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1st of all i would like to thank you for your reply, its very much appreciated.
And to anwser your reply i say:

Nah feck that, last time it took weeks to months before they even react. .

Its nice to know it aint just me, so ill just stay enoyed and cope with it, way less frustrating then to deal with ccp tech support.

I could be that you only have it scanned to 99.99% although it does show it as 100%.

No its 100% and the story is even worse.
For 2 times now , i have been able to warp at / to a 100% spot and then all of a sudden you cant anymore. Even tough at first you could. â– â– â– â–  is seriously buggy.

Sounds like the signature hasn’t despawned correctly. Make a bug report about it with the system and signature listed.

ccp can’t fix things if they don’t know about it… sometimes they may not respond about a bug report, especially if you didn’t lose anything… but make a report about the issue with it.

Bug reports don’t usually get responded to unless the devs need extra information

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