Can't seem to be able to 'warp fleet' when probing. (PEBKAC maybe?)

Okay, I realize this may just be an issue with me and not the game, but bear with me and punish accordingly if it’s just PEBKAC.

Logged in to a few accounts, one is the combat prober.
Fleet is formed, Combat Prober has FC position.
No one has Fleet Warp exempted.
Prober probes down target to 100%.
Rightclicks the result, either on map or in list - Warp Fleet to Insert Distance or Zero.
Here’s where it gets weird. Prober will if not exempted warp to location.
The rest of the fleet… does not. For reasons unknown to me.

The odd bit is that fleet warps do demonstrably work in other situations. I can warp my guys to gates, to bookmarks (except if I bookmark the probed result) and so on. It’s like when I probe something down, the warp to command just doesn’t leave the prober’s client.

I have tried with different probers too, yes.

So, where exactly am I going wrong here, or is there a known issue with this stuff? Some quick fix like reform fleet or whatever?

Didn’t they, two (?) years ago, decide that this is a “bad idea” and to instead wanted to “empower the individual roles of fleet members” (i like how they keep finding reasons they can shove at people) by preventing this? As in, you can not anymore do what you want to do, and instead have to first warp there and then have the rest of the fleet warp to you.

I’ll check if i find it…


I really like the shitty reason they gave.

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Well that definitely explains it. Damn it, I completely misunderstood how my FC used to do this for the fleet then. Anyone know what the delay is on newly created bookmarks?

Also, apparently need to upgrade the prober quite a bit if I have to use them as the warp-in.

PEBKAC it is. Thank you very much.

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You’re welcome, but it’s not really a PEBKAC. It’s not your fault thatthe sensible and obvious thing to do doesn’t work anymore, in the fake name of individuality and “the little guy”.

It’s more of a #CCPdidthis, as in, one of the many things that need a ■■■■■■■■ enough reason so there will be a sufficient amount of people eating it up and defending it.

@Nana_Skalski that tag was a great idea. we just need to use it often enough.

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