Fleet warp - how the @#%&# does this work?

I’m trying to figure out how to get fleet warping to work consistently.

With one character as FC, and another character in the fleet, the character who is FC will choose a location and click “warp fleet to 0”. Sometimes - SOMETIMES - the other character will follow into warp. Sometimes he does not. I can’t figure out a pattern - it sometimes works in hisec, sometimes not. It sometimes works in wormholes, sometimes not. It sometimes works when the other character is wing commander, sometimes not.

I know there’s probably something simple I’m missing here - how do folks get fleet warping to work consistently?

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They have to be on the same grid as you to fleet warp with you. If you are trying to do it from different places in space that is when it isn’t working.


derrrrrp thank you!!!

Characters need to be on the same grid. If the grid is still loading, because characters jump into a system, you need to wait a couple seconds to make sure they are all loaded properly and not left at the gate. (some PCs are slow)

Fleetwarp will warp the whole fleet, Wing Warp a wing and Squad Warp a squad. Characters can avoid being warped by excempting themselfes from fleet warp in the Fleet Settings.

People starting a warp or still warping will not get a fleetwarp.

Salt: It’s a very simple mechanic and I guess If you don’t get this, you should not warp people around anyway because you might warp them into their doom :stuck_out_tongue:

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