How do I initiate fleet warp?

I’m starting to multi-box and I am having problems with fleetwarping two ships to the same place at the same time. I have formed the two ships into a fleet, set the destination and . . . now what? How do I actually start the fleet warp? What menu do I go to, what button do I click? Please advise.

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Hello @Drammie_Askold, welcome to Eve.

To fleet warp you must have both your characters in the same fleet and, also, the one initiating the warp command, must be in a higher position than the other. For example, one must be in squad command and the other(s) in the squad. You can then right click on something on your screen/overview etc and you’ll see ‘warp squad’.

Hopefully this helps


Eve Uni is always a great resource for new (and old;) pilots

There’s a fleet ops rookie guide with explanations of common terms and practices’s_Guide_to_Fleet_Ops#Abbreviations

You can also use Google to find answers to your questions. I usually put “Eve Online” in the search string.

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Thank you very much for your assistance, it works :smiley:

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