I'm really confused about how mining fleets work

Hey guys. Super new player here. I’ve been trying to figure how fleets work but I still I’m pretty lost. So far I’ve joined a newbie corp for mining. And went to the fleet finder to join a fleet… and then I dont know what to do? The way i thought it worked was- Join a fleet, assuming that since I could join it and there are players in the fleet that would mean it is active as in currently out in space mining and I could set a destination to the fleets location and join them. But it seems that’s not how things work or ime just completely missing it. Can anyone explain this to me like I’m 5? Thanks in advance guys!

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I see that you have joined Pandemic Horde. I would strongly suggest that you ask the NBI (New Bean Initiative) advisors, or the members of the fleet (in the chat window) these questions. Mining fleets can be set up in different ways, and the players in the corporation will be by far the best placed to answer your questions - and a lot faster than here.

Thanks for the reply man I’ll give it a shot!

Quick tip
Once u have joined fleet - Undock - open fleet chat - click on one of the fleet members and hit (warp to).

U should also be able to filter the map so that u can see the location of your fleet members.

Hope it helped!

What that’s awesome. Do you get to jump straight to the fleet by doing that? I was just jumping for like a hour to meet up with my fleet…

You have to be in the same solar system to warp to your fleet members.
This is where the map filter comes useful to first find your fleet member’s.
It should be relatively easy with mining fleets since they don’t move much around.

It is true, but the simplest thing to do is to ask in fleet chat: “fleet loc?” and someone will answer and put the name of the system. Just right click, and “set destination” and go
Once you are in system, warp to any member of the fleet. Beware, some can be docked, or tethered.

The reason why I advised @Heeze_Dahma to ask the NBI and the fleet is that Horde runs mining fleets in many areas of their space, and these fleets are announced to new beans as scheduled fleets or in pings. Many of these are designed specially for new beans and go to newly fracked moons, gas sites etc.

This often means that they are in systems or regions some distance from where a new bean may be based.

It can be disorienting for a new player excited to join up with colleagues, but the help and advice is there.

I should note that most of the big nullsec alliances with new player programmes will probably operate in a similar way. Always best to ask your corp mates first.

While i see your concern being a security one he was smart enough not to state any details that would compromise anything. Quite the contrary: this is actually a question often asked by any new pilot with a bit of brain and i am actually happy he posted his question here first.

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