New player LF mining fleet

Hi everyone !

I’m new to the game, started only a few days ago.
Are there mining fleets recruiting new players ? I’m not sure how to find one, and I’ve seen other players looking for fleets on here so I thought why not.
I’d like to either mine or haul, my combat skills are pretty bad so far.
I am available often, and I play on EU time.

My ingame name is ExorionPremier, I’m online right now (9:30 Eve time) if anyone wants to get in touch.

Thanks !


If you want highsec game play, lookup ARAZ Engineering, my old highsec corp. They are a great group of guys to mine with. Otherwise my current Corp, Wicked Syndicate, is based in null. Not entirely sure on their np policy but it sure wouldn’t hurt to put an app in.

If you want to go to nullsec (MUCH better ore there), I’d look up a new player corp in a major alliance like Pandemic Horde (full disclosure: that’s my alliance). If you just want to stay in highsec you might be able to find public fleets but I would advise finding a corp that runs them since that will make it easier to join mining fleets. Just make sure not to get bored.

to be honest, null ore nowadays is basically the same as HS ones.

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