I want to form a fleet with my friend and go to do some mining together, he is not in my corp though. is it possible to form a fleet with him? if so how? because I didn’t find the option to make a fleet in my neocom menu(I watched a video on youtube and still don’t know how, its out dated). thanks.

Right click on any character you want to fleet with eg as listed in local. From the menu that appears choose, “invite to fleet”.

The invitee gets a pop-up invite on-screen. When they accept Y, you can then see them in a separate fleet-only window. Looks like local, but is for fleet members only, complete with private chat.

Once linked, you can right click on character and choose “warp to”, which is very handy.


Thanks so much! I never knew its that easy. I am going with my friend tomorrow, and it will be my first time being a FC. whether my fleet of two ships will be destroyed utterly or return with massive ores, I don’t know.

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Another way: Without being in any fleet, right click on the char name in any chat (or search for the char directly), chose “Form Fleet with”.
This way you open a fleet without clicking in the Neocom.

Bon Voyage, Captain!

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so convenient!


Yeah, I think the fleet button used to be included on the neocom “quicklaunch” by default, but doesn’t appear to be any longer. Of course, you could always move it there if you want. The fleet button can always be found through E (3 Bars) --> Social --> Fleet.

have i already told you to join a newbie-friendly corp to teach you the basics?

you did tell me to join a corp, a lot of times. so I joined EVE uni, and I ask most of my questions in the EVE uni Q&A channel. but most of the time I log on that chat channel only have 20-30 people in it, so when no one answer my questions for a while, I google it, and if I still cant find what I needed, I ask on forums. I think that worked.

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